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                                    The Clampers Creed

“As I pass through this life, may I always be humble and may I never take myself serious, ‘a stuffed shirt’. May I always appreciate a little of the ridiculous. May I always be a two-fisted Clamper when the bottle passes my way and if I imbibe and can’t hold it like a man, then may I always be able to ‘Pass it to the next brother’.  May I never forget the stout hearted men who settled a great Western wilderness and the heritage we have today.  May I never fail to appreciate a bit of Western lore”. 


Al Packer 100

Billy Holcomb 1069

Bodie 64

Branciforte 1797

Chief Truckee 3691

De La Guerray Pacheco 1.5

Doc Maynard 54-40

Doctor Samuel Gregg George 1855


Estanislao 58

Eureka 101

Frank C Reilly 5978

Growlersburg 86

Grub Gulch 41-49

Humbug 73

James Savage 1852

Joaquin Murrieta 13

John A Sutter 1841

John P Squibob 1853

Julia C Bulette 1864

Lassen Loomis 1914

Las Plumas Del Oro 8

Lord Sholto Douglas 3

Lost Dutchman 5917

Lucinda Jane Saunders 1881

Matt Warner 1900

Matuca 1849

Wm Meek Wm Stewart 10

Monterey Viejo  1846

Mountain Charlie 1850

Pair-O-Dice 7-11

Peter LeBeck 1866

Platrix 2

Queho Posse 1919

Sam Brannan 1004

Slim Princess 395

Snake River 1811

Snowshoe Thompson  1827

Trinitarianus 62

Tuleburgh 69

Umpqua Joe 1859

The Vigilantes 1911

Yerba Buena 1












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